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Welcome to the fascinating world of gem & jewellery which has for centuries been an integral part of India’s tradition, culture & history! It is not surprising that over 90% of all the diamonds mined and produced in the world first come to India for cutting, polishing and processing, and the Indian jewellery business as on today is estimated around Rs. 70,000 crores. In short, India is truly the emerging Global Jewellery Hub !

So, whether you want to become a successful jeweller, a buyer or seller of loose stones, a skilled craftsman or a wonderful designer, or even a sales executive in the retail business, this field affords unlimited opportunities for one and all.

I look forward to welcome you to an exciting and very rewarding career in this wonderful world of gem & jewellery !

Aarzoo Jindal
G.G., A.J.P., J.B.M (GIA, USA)
Founder & CEO