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  • IGLI is a perfect place with the best atmosphere one can get while learning, amazing faculty, very organized, very good exposure working in the labs with various gemstones, truly an International experience sitting here in Delhi.

    Tanvi Gupta
  • IGLI has a very friendly staff, I don’t know if it is an Indian things but they are all very nice and sweet. Thank you very much for a lovely experience. I enjoyed all the three courses all through.

  • A very helpful course, the time separated for theoretical and practical knowledge is very well planned.

    Vasudha Bhandari
    Diamond Grading
  • The teachers at IGLI were fantastic! I will surely to come back to do Advance Courses.

    Akhilesh Arora
    Diamond Grading
  • 4 C'S of courses delivered by IGLI
    1. Curriculum: Very Concise & to the point
    2. Communication: Excellent
    3. Cooperation: No rush - at your pace
    4. Clarity: All efforts were made to clarify all doubts. Overall: Excellent & Kudos to IGLI.

    Manish Arora
    Diamond Grading
  • Great Place to learn about diamonds. The staff is very knowledgeable.

    Jasdeep Singh
    Diamond Grading
  • Our teacher made the classes fun and a learning experience at the same time, she was very patient and was always willing to help. Looking forward to more classes with IGLI

    Arvin Raja
    Diamond Grading
  • Had fun learning the Basics…somehow have developed an interest towards the courses. Would definitely do the advanced courses as well. Wish you open a centre near by Punjabi Bagh or Rajouri Garden.

    Amita Raja
    Diamond Grading
  • The way of teaching is brilliant as compared to other institutes. They give proper satisfaction to their students than they move on to their next chapter. Nice Institute.

    Kartik Gupta
    Diamond Grading & Advanced Diamond Grading
  • The Style of teaching is very good. The study material is easy to understand and assigments style is so convenient. I'm very happy and satisfied with the courses.

    Muskan Singhal
    Diamond Grading & Advanced Diamond Grading
  • I find the enviroment really good. I like the way we were taught by our teacher. She teaches in a friendly manner and the way of teaching makes me imbibe the knowledge realy well.

    Shivanshi Chauhan
    Diamond Grading
  • I really enjoyed this Diamonds course, and learnt so much at the same time.

    Sapna Goel
    Diamond Grading
  • I only know Spanish and Hindi, English not good. My teachers at IGLI are very polite and helpful and explain everything in hindi. Thanks to them now i have a Diploma in diamond grading!

    Deepak Singh
    Diamond Grading
  • I am a student of IGLI. I have completed my course in Diamond Basics, Diamond Grading, Colored stone Basics Colored Stone and Gem Identification. My experience in that Institute was very Good because when I started in that Institute I have no knowledge about diamond and colored stones, but now i’m a confident gemologist! So I m so proud of the courses I have done in IGLI. Thanks to all the staff of IGLI, in particular my teacher, Mrs. Jayati Nichani.

    Kabwelulu Labilo Tino
    Diamond Grading